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Olympic Wholesale Co. Ltd. is a well-known distributor of baking ingredients and supplies, founded in 1936.

With over 4,000 products, we proudly serve scratch bakeries, in-store bakeries, deli bakeries, industrial bakeries and retail grocery chains throughout Canada and the United States.

We provide superior bakery distribution services that help your business to grow and excellent quality ingredients that we source from all over the world.

Company History

  • 1936 – Our family based company was originally founded as a manufacturer of preserves, jams and pie fillings named Pure Foods Preserving Company.
  • 1972 – The manufacturing aspect of the company was eliminated and wholesale distribution of bakery and food service was increased to accommodate this growing sector.
  • 1975 – With a growing public demand for quality bakery supplies, Olympic Wholesale Co. Ltd. opened a retail outlet store on Parliament Street; one of the first bulk food retailers.
  • 1985 – The retail store was closed when the company moved and focused solely on the Wholesale distribution sector. Gaining knowledge over the years of the retail market, Olympic expanded its lines into retail food products serving the small to medium size retailers in Ontario primarily and then growing into the USA. The USA growth now covers all states.
  • 2008 – Olympic Wholesale Co. Ltd moved into a new warehouse to meet the demands of increased client base and products lines. The new facility was built to meet the new demands of HACCP and C-PAT. Our strength is the ability to adapt to the ever changing market trends and we take pride in tailoring our inventories to meet our customer’s specific requirements.
  • 2012 – Olympic Wholesale celebrated its 40 year anniversary.